The 12 Tribes of Israel

As a gift to my local synagogue, I created two window inserts that collectively represent the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The symbols for each tribe come from the descriptions found primarily in Genesis. 

Each insert is 21” by 57”Collectively, there are approximately 540 pieces, cut from 33 square feet of 27 types of glass, using 325 feet of copper foil.

Installation was completed in June of 2016.


Stained Glass and Light

One thing that I’ve found to be harder than making stained glass art is taking pictures of stained glass art. The following pictures illustrate how different lighting can create different appearances.

Attempts at Historical Accuracy

The leftmost image below is of the High Priest's breastplate (for Levi). The glass for each color was selected based on a biblical description of the stones on the breastplate. The image to its right represents the mandrakes of the Reuben tribe. The source for the background colors was a satellite image of the land formerly occupied by the tribe (now Jordan). Until I hit upon this representation, the image on the far right was to be the inspiration for the Reuben panel.